2017 Goal: $250,000

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 campaign.  You have invested in the lives of many in our two counties.  Please continue your support to reach and exceed the 2017 Campaign Goal!


 Have you ever in a single day found a child a place to play?

 Or helped a women find a house when she’s been battered by her spouse?

Or helped an elder manage strife and given him back a better life?

 Or provided a meal when disaster strikes, and found them blankets, a  bed and then..

 Bought a girl a teddy bear and smoothed the tangles from her hair?

Have you ever in a single day done so much?  Well by the way….

 You’ve done all that when you say, “I donated through the United Way!”

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Please help to continue to make a difference in our two counties of Richland and Wilkin. Supporting United Way is easy through payroll deduction or a onetime contribution, and is tax deductible. If you would like a United Way representative to speak with your staff or help you with your United Way drive, contact your division chair listed below, or the United Way office at 642-1250, check us out on the web;

Thank you for your support and “Release you Inner hero”!


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